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We offer Plumbing Services and Sewer Line Cleaning and Camera Inspection, Cooling, Hot Water Heaters.

PLUMBING & HEATING SERVICES  Professional – Prompt – Reliable – Affordable


LEHI Mechanical specializes in 24-hour emergency plumbing in all of the Greater Lehigh Valley.  We are equipped to handle just about any plumbing problem at any time of night or day.  We have been in the plumbing business for over 7 years and we have seen it all.

We take pride in being honest, affordable and dependable.  We are honest to the absolute dollar and we will never recommend any parts or plumbing services that are unnecessary for you.

Boiler Installation & Services

LEHI Mechanical provides comprehensive boiler services to its clients comprising of boiler repair, boiler rebuild and boiler maintenance.

Gas, Steam and Pipe Fitting and Repair

Apart from boiler installation, LEHI Mechanical also specializes in providing installation services for Gas, Steam and Pipe fitting in the industrial and the commercial sector. LEHI Mechanical provides quality repair services of damaged pipes, valves and similar connections.


Water heater installation is an important and primary aspect of every water heater and boiler services. Loopholes in the proper installation can result in energy loss and heavy costs which needs to be repaired. Therefore, proper installation of water heaters should only by the best contractors in the market. LEHI Mechanical provides the finest water heater installation to its clients. We also provide water heater delivery and disposal of old water heater, installation by well-trained service engineers and licensed contractors.


There is nothing worse than getting ready for a hot shower only to be hit with a wave of freezing cold water because your hot water heater is not functioning properly or has completely stopped working!

Worse yet… you arrive home from a rough day at work to find your home or basement is covered in water because your water heater started leaking or flooding.

The last thing you want to do is wait until it is too late to repair your hot water heater.  If you wait too long and the water heater is simply too far gone, then you will need to replace it, which will cost you more money.

When you have a hot water heater emergency, you want help immediately from a trained and experienced water heater repair specialist!

If you notice your water is taking too long to get hot or you are running out of hot water quickly or you just simply have no hot water at all, it is time to call LEHI Mechanical to get that water heater fixed or replaced.

Call us at 484.655.0443 when you need hot water heater repair, replacement or installation.

Depending on the age of your hot water heater, the repair may be simpler and more affordable than you think. In many cases it is a simple repair!

LEHI Mechanical has been providing water heater repair and installation in the Greater Lehigh Valley for almost 7 years.  We have developed a wonderful reputation and following in the Greater Lehigh Valley.